Google #io17 – Sascha goes to California

„Congratulations – You have won“, that was the headline jumping into my point of view as I opened my mail inbox. I was some kind of shocked, that my Gaussian spam filter had not blocked this mail. So I immediately marked the message as SPAM. Done!! Spam was removed from the inbox. Ready to continue work…..

.. Really? …
Luckily, I decided to have a closer look at the presumed SPAM mail.
It was written very nicely in English, with correct spelling and elaborate grammar.
.. Strange …
Is this really true? I knew, that I have applied for a Google I/O Ticket some weeks before and that I had to fill out plenty of questions during the admission process. But I have never thought of actually getting the invitation. I was proven wrong. And a money withdrawal by Google showed me, that the ticket is for real.

I was so happy about it, so that my productivity immediately boosted up, ^^ yes indeed. In fact, the whole team was really keen on talking to the Google devs about some bugs we have found in their libs as well as learning more about new exciting Google technologies.
Therefore we prepared a bunch of questions and tried to find the best matching sessions.

Let’s get started! Engage!


erstellt am: 16.05.2017

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