#io17– Day three, final day

Remember your favorite app and its registration or login process there? Big registration forms and long-winded login flows are painful. To learn more about this important topic I participated in a session about Android APIs to improve registration, login and payment forms. This presentation kicked off the day. And it did not get boring afterwards. As Google announced official support for the Kotlin language, I had to visit some Kotlin talks. These were quite interesting, but we need to evaluate if and how changing the language would help us.



Between sessions, there was time to checkout cool demos by the Project Tango-Team – Augmented Reality and Daydream-and Virtual Reality at its best. The nice thing about that was, that the demos were mixed between playing around and asking questions about the technical foundation.

Last but not least, I used the time to talk to many Google Devs about the upcoming changes for Android O, as well as clarifying some issues we had in our app. Interesting are the new limits on apps, running in background to get location updates. The goal of the limits is to prevent apps draining too much battery. Adding limits is not all for Android O. As the notification system has strongly evolved, users have more control on how and when notifications are shown. App designer and developer will need to adjust in future, just like our teams will think about it.

After three days of exciting talks, discussions, meetings with different people, coding and bug hunting sessions, I am really happy to fall into bed. Thank you all for this great event and the great support from the teams at Google and PAYBACK.


erstellt am: 21.05.2017

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