#io17 – Day two

Today we did a deep dive into different technologies. Product managers and developers from Google showed us how easy it is, to write apps for the Google assistant and how to use them with Google Home and Home Automation. They challenged the whole developer community to come up with great ideas and start developing in this new area.

As a present, a Google Home Kit was handed out to every participant. I am really looking forward using it at home in my apartment. Hopefully it will work in Germany so I can develop some cool smart home apps 🙂



To ease the UX development and improve the speed of build systems, some new features in Android Design Tools were presented, as well as updates to the gradle build system. With that in mind, I hope to be prepared to cope with every UX idea which is coming up. A fast building time is crucial for that. Especially if building apps for different countries, it shouldn’t take too long. Otherwise the development would be very inefficient and devs would get mad after a while.

My personal highlight was meeting the firebase team to hunt a bug, we have reported in their libs some time ago. We put our heads and laptops together and finally found a solution, which will be published for “the whole world” in one of the next releases. #happy


erstellt am: 19.05.2017

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