#io17 – Engage!

The day we were waiting for has finally passed by. It has been an awesome day! Two keynotes, one more general and a specific one for developers, kicked of the Google I/O 2017. Sundar Pichai and many other Googlers presented the next big thing: Nearly every product in the future will be based on AI and machine learning. Therefore existing SDKs will be adapted and lightweight machine learning libs (like Tensorflow light) will empower mobile developer to use some sort of AI in their apps. Additionally some special hardware in the next generation of mobile devices will speed up the whole AI training and computer vision mechanism.


Thereby images can be interpreted automatically and a user can ask Google which POI is shown on a specific image. Or Google can be asked by different people to “call mum”, which calls the individual number of each mum. Besides that, Kotlin was announced as a officially supported programming language for Android development. We will see how this is helping or challenging our future development.

Support for our current development techstack and product could be found in many areas, too. On the technical site, new lifecycle methods were presented, as well as new Android Studio profiler for helping us to find network and memory issues in our app. On the product site, new notification-mechanism and the Android O operating system gives the user more control about notifications and protects him from apps draining too much battery.


However, most awesome are the discussions and conversations with the Google devs and other mobile developers from all over the world. Common issues could be discussed and new ideas exchanged.
To strengthen these friendships between all the attendees of the Google I/O, the day had to end with a special evening. Arcade games, bands, VR immersive movies and a night market with cuisines from around the world.

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